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We produce compelling real estate videos
Video is now the centerpiece of real estate presentation to show off a particular property in a distinct light. For the agent, a compelling video motivates the agent’s audiences, earn new leads, and nurture existing clients. Home sellers are delighted that first class video marketing has been prepared to sell their property. Please view examples of the selection of video styles we produce to match the type of your real estate listing and budget.
Introductory video for agent or business
A compelling and captivating agent video is a tremendous tool to quickly build trust and understanding. The same is true for any business. This example shows how a client can really understand the philosophy and value of a luxury staging company by listening to a message from the owner.

Agent Lifestyle Video

Are you a top-producing agent ? Are you keeping your audience engaged ? What is your mission, what are your interest? Let your network and potential clients know who you really are. Our team of highly trained producers and cinematographers will help you craft a clear, powerful message that can help you win new clients.

Technologies for Real Estate

We employ all types of new technologies from 3D Virtual Tours to drones to enhance the viewing experience. We can produce 3D animated videos combined with actual video and drone footage. From just architectural CAD files, we can create a presentation of a real estate property that hasn't been built yet.
Architectural Animation

For real estate developers and sales agents, the ability to show a real estate property to prospective buyers before the building is even built is invaluable. We created the home shown in this video from CAD drawings and virtually staged it with furniture and accessories to match the style as envisioned by the interior designer.

Digital Staging Video

Staging can be a costly and time consuming endeavor. As digital marketing experts, we are able to virtually stage empty spaces to convey the look and feel you envision, for only a fraction of the cost. As long as we are "there", we'll also remove unsightly elements off of your tenant occupied listing. Nothing will catch more attention then a "before-after" video to emphasize on the potential of your listing.

3D Virtual Tour

The Matterport 3D virtual tour is quickly becoming the norm in the real estate industry. By embedding the 3D virtual tour on our property website, potential home buyers can learn everything about the property, view the video and photos and remotely walk-through the property from anywhere in the world.


Aerial drone photography and video is an important new technology to enter real estate marketing and now a necessity for the real estate professional. Dramatic elevated views of the house, sweeping shots of landscapes, ocean and mountain vistas and seamless fly-arounds of the property never before imagined are now possible. The combination of dramatic aerial footage of the exterior, smooth walk-through of the interior and 3D animation make a compelling visual presentation that can pay huge dividends.


We utilize HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography technology to produce compelling real estate photos that look natural. We avoid flash photography which can cast abnormal shadows. HDR presents a range of luminance similar to how the human eye processes light. From the dark corners of the room to the bright view through a window, every part of a room is photographed with the ideal exposure, resulting in what our eyes perceive to be visually pleasing. We also use tilt-shift photographic lenses to capture the widest angle in a room with minimal distortion.

Online Presence-Property website

An impactful visual presentation is key to real estate marketing. A beautifully designed and responsive property website with captivating content greatly influences the potential real estate buyer’s perception of the property. To the seller it is a testament of the real estate agent’s concerted marketing efforts. In today’s technology oriented world, a beautiful website that works seamlessly on all devices is a must. Please visit the two real estate property website styles we currently offer.

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